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Know Your Food, Grow Your Potential

Our soil-less, weed-free growing system creates high-producing raised beds for master gardeners and beginners alike. Harvest 4 to 5 times more produce per square foot with our raised beds and special trace mineral elements.

Don’t have much space?

Just one 4 ft x 16 ft garden can produce up to $1400 worth of fresh vegetables each year with careful rotation and planning.  Our garden system allows you to plant closer together, while enjoying lush production.

Don’t have much time?

Gardening can be time consuming when you are hoeing and pulling weeds. Our gardens are practically weed-free, and what few weeds you do get come right out with our loose “soil” system.

Experiencing back, knee, or hand pain?

Our raised beds make gardening so much easier on the body. No hoeing. No getting on your hands and knees. Sit comfortably on the raised bed edge and pick harvests that grow to record-breaking heights.

Get Started Today!

Starter kits for our Gardening Revolution Beds include everything you need to mix your own 4′ x 16′ raised bed. Essential Elements are available by the bag or the pallet and are the cornerstone to our gardening system.

Our Mission

Gardening Revolution ties in perfectly with our goal of helping families live healthier, more fulfilled lives. It’s important to us that people know their food and grow their potential. High quality, organically-grown food is a great place to start.