The Perfect Survival Garden


Consider the following:

Our gardening system takes no power equipment or hand tools to build or
maintain. (you don’t even need a hoe)

Our gardening system is very low maintenance. (Build it, plant, water and pick it)

Small area (4’ X 16’) can feed 2 people all year in most
areas. (yes even in the winter)

Each garden bed produces abundant plants with very high nutrition and taste.

You’ll see a rapid return on investment (with good planning). Beds should pay for
themselves at least twice the first year.

Our gardening system can be self-sustaining with proper use of compost.


Also consider this:

There are many forms of emergencies and our most basic needs are food, water, clothing, and shelter.  How will you support yourself and your family in the event of a minor emergency, let alone a major economic one?  How long could you survive if you could no longer go to the grocery store?  3 days?  3 weeks?  3 months? Longer?

Best of all:

Regardless of the economic implications, all healthcare providers agree that for maximum health and a lifestyle of vitality and energy, we need to eat more fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and greens.  Live a balanced life with activity, fresh air, and reduced stress.  Gardening offers a solution to all those needs for a healthy lifestyle.

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