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Whether you’re a hobby gardener, homesteader, or just want to grow a few fresh fruits, vegetables, or flowers at home, you will love our unique, effective, and time-saving system of raised bed gardening. We use a special blend of soil-less medium mixed together to create the perfect growing environment for almost all plants.

When you read the instructions on a seed packet, what do you usually see? “Plant in loose, well-drained, soil with a balanced pH.” Our system offers the perfect environment for your seeds and plants to grow, providing not only the loose, well-drained, perfectly balanced pH they need…. it also offers a full spectrum of nutrients, minerals, and microorganisms. As a result, you can plant more, in less space, with almost no weeding, with fruits and vegetables that are simply bursting with flavor.

Starter Kits contain our proprietary blend of lightweight organic matter and trace elements, for a bountiful harvest from the first season! Replenish your beds with our Essential Elements to keep yields high. No dirt needed. Just supply concrete blocks (64 per 4′ x 16′ bed).