To purchase Essential Elements or our Gardening Revolution Mix, call 417-736-3251.


Starter kits for our Gardening Revolution Beds include everything you need to mix your own 4′ x 16′ raised bed.  Many of our customers start with 4-10 beds, depending on their gardening space, family size, and desired harvest.  You’ll need to supply your own blocks to build the bed’s framework.  F.O.B. our dock, Springfield MO is $695 per bed.IMG_0391-228x138


Food Grade Diatamacous Earth also available in 40 lb bags.



Essential Elements are available by the bag or the pallet and are the cornerstone to our gardening system.  Each 40 lb bag has enough material to feed one 4′ x 16′ bed for up to three years.

10 bags or less:  $99/per 40 lb. bag (plus tax)

25 bags to 49 bags:  $85/ per 40 lb. bag (plus tax)

50 bags and up:  $70/ per 40 lb. bag (plus tax)

We are also currently taking applications for new distributors of our Essential Elements and Growing Medium.  Contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our exclusive distributors.

3.5 Hour DVD (4 Disk Set) of our Gardening Revolution Basic Gardening Class with Bonus Seed Saving Guide


In this 4 disk set, your first two disks are the full 3.5 hour gardening class…just like what we teach in our live classes.

The third disk is a Data disk with all the information & videos that you can transfer to your hand-held device, I-phone or Android.  This disk also contains a PDF booklet with detailed instructions, gardening guide, and diagrams.

The 4th disk is a seed saving guide featuring our friend Mike at White Harvest Seed Company.

If you wish to mail a check for your order please call to place the order then mail the check.  (417) 736-3251.

$45 (includes DVD’s, Data Disk, tax, and shipping)  Click here to order today.

Gardening Revolution Basic Gardening Class Online Version

For your convenience, you may also attend our Basic Gardening Class virtually.  The full 3.5 hour gardening class is now available online and includes access to a downloadable PDF booklet with detailed instructions, gardening guide, and diagrams.  Watch the videos as many times as you want, where you want, and when you want!  After purchase, you will receive a login and password to our virtual classroom where you can access the course from any device with internet access.  Purchase includes lifetime access to the virtual classroom.

Click here to order today!

For more information about our LIVE, hands-on classes and course schedule, click here.


Learn to Grow Tomatoes Online Course!

Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants in the home garden, and for good reason!  Tomatoes are well loved and the flavor from the garden, fresh-picked, is like nothing you can possibly find commercially.  In this comprehensive course, we will teach you everything you need to know about growing the best tomatoes from seed selection to preserving and everything in between.  For more information and to purchase this course at a special discounted rate, click here.