NEW!  Private Individualized Workshops with Gardener, Len Pense!  $100 per 4 hour session.  Call today to make an appointment.


Class Schedule:

New Private Individualized Workshops

By appointment only so call and reserve your time.  Most workshops run around 4 hours from 8 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Private Workshops are 1:1 with Grand Master Gardener, Len Pense.  Cost is only $100 per session and you can have as many people attend as you want.  Bring your gardening club, your family, or your friends and split the cost.  Call today to make an appointment at 417-736-3251

Canning Classes offered during peak season for produce we are canning.  Canning classes include Strawberry Jam, Blackberry Jam, Pickled Beets, Green Beans, and Tomatoes.  Other courses also available depending upon what we’re picking.  Check back regularly or call to get on our mailing list for updates, class times, and special events.classes page

We are presently teaching several classes on our unique form of gardening.  In each class we will discuss building of the beds, planning & planting, what you need to know before you get started, what materials you will need, why this method is the premiere gardening method, and why you’ll love our special gardening style.

Basic Gardening Class

Currently our Basic Gardening Class is being offered on DVD only. Look for a digital download in the near future. Stay in touch for more information on classes as they are developed.

(Building of the beds, planning & Planting) Our Basic Gardening Classes are held on a regular monthly basis on Saturdays.  Call to get our latest class schedule.

The classes start at 9 A.M. and are usually over by 1:30 P.M. (or until the class is completed)

The first half of the Basic Gardening Class is a hands-on class where you will participate in the actual building of a typical 4’ X 16’ bed. This includes: Layout,
constructing the blocks, mixing of the growing medium, and filling of the bed.

Time for lunch. Everyone brings their own sack lunch. We live in the country….. There are no fast food places near us.

The second half of the class (afternoon) covers the planning and the planting of this type of garden. (We don’t do rows anymore.)

Last phase of the day is spent in pricing and ordering the materials.

classes page 1 There are several motels within 20 min of us.

After taking the class, anyone who wishes to come back at anytime and actually participate in the planting, harvesting, watering, fertilizing, canning, etc. is welcome to do so.

Keep in mind that we are only 90 minutes from Branson, MO and you may want to make it a gardening vacation and take in some beautiful Ozark areas at the same time.

I guarantee that you will have a wonderful time while you are here and you will not be disappointed.  We look forward to seeing you!