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For many years, Gardening Revolution has been changing the way people garden all across the country. Originally owned and operated by Len Pense of Strafford, Missouri, the company’s soil-less, weed-free growing system has inspired gardeners to think (and plant) outside the rows.

Today, Gardening Revolution has moved and changed hands, but its mission remains the same. “Gardening Revolution ties in perfectly with our goal of helping families live healthier, more fulfilled lives,” says the new owner, Curt Rankin from Lebanon, Missouri. In late 2017, he and his wife, Dawn – along with their son, Chais, and his family – purchased the business from Len Pense.

“As soon as we took Len’s class a few years ago and started using his methods for our gardens, I knew this was something I wanted to do,” says Curt. “Dawn and I have spent our lives as entrepreneurs owning a couple small businesses and always maintaining a farm with a few cow calf pairs, horses and of course a small garden. After college, Chais, his wife Taressa, and their sons Cuylar and Camden joined us on the family farm and business, as well as developing their own business interest in real estate and horse training.”

“We’re blessed to continue the legacy of Gardening Revolution which Len Pense founded and operated for so many years,” says Curt. “You can read his amazing story HERE. It is truly the American dream being fulfilled.

“We believe that when people get the nutrition they need, they will feel better, when they feel better they will perform better and be more productive and better able to accomplish their purpose. High quality organically grown food is a great place to start. We are so excited to be able to be a part of the Gardening Revolution movement and the opportunities that are ahead.”

“Know Your Food, Grow Your Potential”