Know your food, Grow your potential

A Common Sense Way of Growing an Organic, Weed-Free, Raised-Bed,  Vegetable/Fruit/or Flower Garden.


Whether you’re a hobby gardening, homesteader, or just want to grow a few fresh fruits, vegetables, or flowers at home, you will love our unique, effective, and time-saving system of raised bed gardening.  We use a special blend of soil-less medium mixed together to create the perfect growing environment for almost all plants.

When you read the instructions on a seed packet, what do you usually see?  “Plant in loose, well-drained, soil with a balanced pH.”  Our system offers the perfect environment for your seeds and plants to grow, providing not only the loose, well-drained, perfectly balanced pH they need…. it also offers a full spectrum of nutrients, minerals, and microorganisms.  As a result, you can plant more, in less space, with almost no weeding, with fruits and vegetables that are simply bursting with flavor.

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Come visit our gardens and learn how you too can garden with our revolutionary system.  Classes are offered regularly and our new online classes make learning from the comfort of your home a reality!  Be sure to visit our Gallery to see more pictures of our amazing and effective gardening system.

Don’t have much space?  Just one 4 ft x 16 ft garden can produce up to $1400 worth of fresh vegetables each year with careful rotation and planning.  Our garden system allows you to plant closer together, while enjoying lush production.

Don’t have much time?  Gardening is an enjoyable hobby that reaps many rewards, yet can be time consuming when you are hoeing and pulling weeds.  Our gardens are practically weed-free, and what few weeds you do get come right out with our loose “soil” system.

Experiencing back, knee, or hand pain and think you can’t garden?  Our raised beds make gardening so much easier on the body.  No hoeing.  No getting on your hands and knees.  Sit comfortably on the raised bed edge while you sink your hands into the rich, loose medium to effortlessly pull out a fresh, succulent carrot or potato.  Or pick your mouth-watering tomatoes and peppers right off the plants that grow to record breaking heights.